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The "nylon" Linux Distribution

nylon is name of the new linux distribution for the Cube. nylon is based on and fully integrated within the OpenEmbedded project. OpenEmbedded is a build system for embedded devices (small linux systems) which makes cross-compiling quite easy. nylon is actually a subset of OpenEmbedded packages which we maintain and support as the distribution for the MeshCube.

nylon it is still beta and will be released at the end of 2004. The old distribution (last release was 0.7.6) will not be developed any further, instead all future development is done for nylon.

The most important changes to the old release are:

See PackageInfo for a list of all software packages which are part of the nylon distribution.

Installing nylon

You can download filesystem images and from the DownLoad section. See InstallingImages on how to install the images. The easiest method is described in InstallImage.


Please use the mailinglist to report bugs.

Building for Source

If you want to compile nylon for yourself, see NylonBuild. It describes how to download the nylon build files and start the build process. Try it, it's real easy!

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